How to put a longboard together

Published: 08th March 2010
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Before buying a longboard, you will have to consider the type of longboarding you will do. If you are just looking to cruise around, just about any board will do. if you are looking to get into the extreme side of longboarding, then you will need something with a little more technology in it. Something like a deck from loaded longboards or a sector nine.

You may just want to go out and buy a longboard that's already setup for you. This is called a complete longboard. The best advice that this guide can give you if you take the route of buying a complete longboard is this: don't waste your money on a cheap board. Your experience will be infinitely better if you spend a good chunk of money on a good longboard. If you'd rather put a deck together, you will need to buy all the parts. We'll explain wheels first.

The first thing you'll need to buy if you're putting a longboard together is a good pair of wheels. Longboard wheels are usually soft. A regular skateboarder would use hard wheels, but longboarders want to feel as little of the road as possible. Soft wheels absorb a lot of the road and give the rider a nice smooth ride. Soft wheels also help the longboarder brake when they're sliding - hard wheels will just slide, while soft wheels grip the road and slow the board down.

You will also need a longboard deck. The only company that really makes these is loaded longboards. Fortunately, loaded longboards are great decks. You can also buy a loaded complete, but some people like to put their own together. Be sure to read about the different types of flex that loaded longboards offer, as it will affect your riding experience.

The last thing to pick is a good set of trucks. There are different sets of trucks out there and the best way to find out which ones work well for you is to try them. Most stores should have the trucks you're looking at setup on another board and should be happy to let you try them out. If you can't test them, though, just make sure that you buy yourself some wide trucks. They can always be replaced later.

That is everything you should need to know about constructing your own longboard. Sure, it's not very in depth, but the fun in putting your own deck together is finding out what works best for you. Going in depth would put too much opinion into this piece. Don't forget to have fun while putting your deck together - that's probably the best part (aside from riding it, of course).

The author enjoys longboarding and everything about it. He has been a passionate longboard skateboarder for many years now, and likes to think that he is fairly knowledgeable on the subject. If you are looking for a place to purchase loaded longboards after reading this, feel free to check out

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